“Earth Is A Death Star is the brainchild of Danny Louangxay, multi-instrumentalist, former Ramonda Hammer drummer and current Surely Lorraine guitarist. The futurism presented on the available online singles borders cinematic accuracy intertwined with human emotions struggling to comprehend the inevitability. Starting off their set, they cranked up the volume by five additional notches and infiltrated the reverb pedals, making them blush from the soundscapes presented. “Parting of Ways” was a standout track that had the room eating from Louangxay’s clutched hands. Transforming heavy synth tracks into raucous punk songs was no obstacle for the band as “Never Will I Ever” and “Perfect Blue” sounded like two teens finally coming out of their shells and ready to show the world just how important they were for all to witness. Humbled by the love, Louangxay thanked the crowd and his bandmates for an unforgettable performance that will surely blossom into a fully developed planet destroyer. Look out for an upcoming EP release, soon.”

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